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HTD works on Microsoft collaboration solutions & tools - new ways to work together

"We are stronger when we work together" – that is a piece of wisdom that holds true in many of life's situations. In the business environment, it is also true that cooperation, especially within teams, in projects, and with partners and customers, is a crucial factor in the success of the entire company. Individual efforts are important, but they can only be realized in contexts in which everyone works together and when all the participants know their strengths and combine them with the strengths of the others. Modern business solutions therefore offer many possibilities to make company-wide collaboration easier and more efficient, while establishing it as an essential component of the corporate culture.

Our email and collaboration solution aims to provide a messaging and collaboration service designed to meet each customer's needs. In addition, we provide implementation, support, administration and updates for this solution, and we provide experienced, multi-disciplinary professional care so that the organization can extract maximum benefit.
Hardware configuration is designed to absorb potential growth both in the number of users and in storage capacity. It is compatible with the latest mobile technology, to allow important information to be shared from any location via the Internet.

  • implementation of messaging solutions.
  • Update and/or migration of messaging services.
  • Messaging solutions performance analysis.
  • Messaging service support.
  • implementation of collaborative solutions.
  • Collaborative services upgrade.
  • Collaborative solution support.
  • Installation and configuration of SharePoint Portal Server.
  • Solution support for Microsoft SharePoint Server.
  • Bring together teams and resources, all in one place

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