NComputing Inc. is the pioneer of Desktop Virtualization & shared computing solution that enables the Power of PC/ Server to be shared by multiple users simultaneously. From a user's perspective there is no compromise in business functionality and user's experience in comparison to any other alternate IT architecture. Shared computing not only lowers the acquisition and deployment cost of computers but also significantly reduces the TCO. The key benefits also include a great reduction in the power consumption and minimizing of e-waste.

The average person uses less than 10% of the capacity of their PC. The rest is wasted. NComputing taps into the other 90% so that multiple users can simultaneously share a single PC. Each person runs their own applications—and has their own files, settings and preferences, without the bulk cost of a dedicated PC.


There are many advantages with NComputing solutions. But four stand out:

  • Cuts PC costs as much as 50%
  • Fast to setup & Simple to Maintain
  • Compatible with standard PC technology
  • Drastically reduces IT complexity
  • Slashes electrical consumption as much as 90%
  • Increase product life & uptime

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